ISO 45001 is a world-class accreditation for occupational health and safety management systems. This certification is issued to protect employees and visitors from any work-related accidents and irreparable harm.

ISO 45001 enables businesses to access a single framework that helps in developing more robust occupational health and safety measures. Regardless of the company’s size, type and nature ISO 45001 can be implemented. Reduction in the overall cost of incidents, cost of disruption to accidents, and improvement in its ability to respond to the regulatory compliance issues are some of the benefits of ISO 45001 certification.

For organizations seeking to manage their environmental responsibilities in a systematic manner that contributes to the environmental pillar of sustainability. It enables an organization to use a common approach and risk-based thinking to integrate its environmental management system with the requirements of other management systems.

Benefits of ISO 45001

The Process of Development and Implementation of OH&SMS

Gap Analysis

Our team will conduct an initial assessment/gap analysis according to the scope of services with reference to the STANDARD.

Awareness Training

Our team  will provide awareness training to the key process owners and relevant staff, on the requirements of the standard


Our team will provide full assistance for the development of documentation according to the requirements


Our team will extend its full support in regards to the implementation of the aforementioned documented management systems

Mock Third Party Assessment

A mock assessment will be performed before third-party arrives and will help to rectify the non-conformities & concerns

Closing Out of NCR’s

Our team will extend its full support to take the corrective actions and to close the NCR’s(if any) raised by the 3rd party.

How QHSE Guru can help you

ISO Gap Analysis

A gap analysis allows you to identify how closely your management system aligns with the requirements of the relevant management systems standard.

Developing Documentation

We will review your documentation, create new documentation and provide guidance on documentation which will benefit your management system.

Training Courses

Training provides your employees with an understanding of the purpose of the management system and the skills to implement and audit the system.