Fire door certification provides independent reassurance to specifiers and purchasers that your products are manufactured to a consistent quality.

There is a legal requirement for manufacturers of fire doors to provide proof of the ability of their products to resist the passage of fire through the provision of test evidence. Whilst this demonstrates that the door meets the legally acceptable minimum standards, the Q-Mark or Q-Plus fire door manufacturer scheme can provide additional reassurance that your products are fit for purpose through on-going compliance to the original product specification.

Q Mark / Q Plus Certification

Q Mark / Q Plus product Certification covers the complete fire door/partition set including the door leaf, door frame, hardware, glazing and intumescent strips. The scope of the certification is given in the Test report assessment which is based on full scale fire tests to British, American, European and other equivalent standards.

How QHSE Guru can help you

QHSE Guru will assist the organisations to obtain Q Mark or Q Plus product certification and will train the proganisations to implement and maintain their certification to meet the requirements of their annual certification visits. These annual external  audits require organisations to demonstrate that they have effective internal processes in place to correctly.

QHSE Guru will:

  • Porvide the Mandatory documents to implement the product certification system
  • Provide traiing regarding the on-going standard of fire door manufacture
  • Provide technical advice to ensure on-going compliance with the original product specification
  • Provide technical advice reagarding Global Assessment
  • Provide support to close the NCR’s raised during the annual surveillance visits.

QHSE Guru can help organisations more easily understand and implement and maintain the elements for the product certification that are relevant to them. If implemented correctly and kept up to date, having any product certification does not need to be burdensome and allows organisations to trade successfully legal compliance.

Our Methodology


Initial fact assessment / conversation on the phone or in person to understand more about your business


Our team will prepare the help you to prepare the required Manuals and Procedures and Training will be given regarding the same.


Once the documentations are ready, implementation can begin. We will work with your for the proper implementation for the audit

Ongoing support

whilst most clients are able to look after their system without further external assistance we can provide refresher training if you have a new management representative